1. notsafeforweabs:

    this animation is beyond amazing

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  2. lessa: the crimson knight: the story of black lessa & ra

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  4. 420anarchoskeleton:



    Just finished hotboxing the bathroom with Colorado’s new “Black Label” hash-joints…

    Boi smoked himself into oblivion

    damn son that’s a new level of turnt

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  5. mitch-luckers-dimples:


    Here tumblr have my face…

    Reblog the shizz out of this, I really want it to hit 1k notes in a day c:

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  6. sugarless-life:

    Favorite chaika moments.

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  8. d34d3dd13:

    Candace Kucsulain

  9. sexiiflyingpanda:

    Song: Across the Ocean

    Band: Our Last Night

    Album: We Will All Evolve

    & as always follow for follow!(:

  10. johnlindley665:

    Mouth Machine Gun/Our Last Night.