1. jaredsadalecki:


    the boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen


    he sent me the meme

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  2. seidur:

    Had the most wonderful day. Secret forest lakes and all. And I’ve realized I’ve fallen in love.

    Keaton Henson – Nearly Curtains

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  3. slightart:

    Liza Feurtado

    Workin’ on Honey Girl ~*~

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  5. Shu, I’m starving

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  6. I have no confidence in controlling my flames. ‘Till today I still think I can rely on my momentum to solve everything… but it seems like it’s impossible. 
    Maybe I should just die like this.”

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  8. "Is it… is it over now?"
    — Every Naruto fan after chapter 690 (via dailydoseofsasusaku)
  9. delgadoxa:

    Raiden vs the Beast

  10. wily383:

    And here is the hoodie I would literally kill someone for.